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Business-owners Policy

A businessowners policy (BOP) is a customized package that includes property insurance, liability insurance, crime coverage and more into a convenient package for small businesses. Get Quote »

Business Liability

Liability insurance protects you, your employees and customers if accidents happen. Get Quote »


Commercial Property

Property helps protect your inventory, building, furniture and equipment whether you own, lease or work from home. Get Quote »

Business Auto

Auto covers injuries and damages that you, or employees may cause to other people and their property while driving. Get Quote »


Protects your business from fraud, theft and forgery. Get Quote »

Business Income

Helps you pay the bills and your employees if you have to close temporarily to recover from a loss. Get Quote »

Cyber Liability

Offers coverage for computer attacks and damage to electronic data and computer systems. Get Quote »

Workers Compensation

Protects the people who work for you. Get Quote »

Equipment Breakdown

Covers mechanical and electrical equipment, computers and more. Get Quote »

Business Interruption

Helps keep capital flowing if your business is disrupted. Get Quote »


Coverage that can help attract and retain employees, and prepare for business succession. Get Quote »


An umbrella policy can provide an additional layer of protection, giving you broader coverage if you’re sued and peace of mind knowing you’re protected. Get Quote »

Additional Value

In addition to outstanding customer and claims services, we also provide valuable discounts, fast online certificate services, flexible payment options, online bill payment capabilities and more. Call today for a complete rundown.
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Getting a business insurance quote

Few things are as frustrating as starting a small business insurance quote and not having the information you need. Avoid wasting time by gathering all essential information beforehand. To get an accurate business insurance quote you’ll need:

The Basics
Most commercial insurance quotes require basic information, including:

  • Business location and industry
  • Owner information and experience
  • Details of business operations
  • Gross annual sales

Details of your daily operations and where you conduct business are both considered when assessing your exposure to various risks. For example, a residential cleaning business operates differently from a commercial cleaning business. A residential cleaning business may specialize in cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms and floors, whereas a commercial cleaning business may focus on offices, machinery and retail spaces. Despite operating in the same industry, you can expect their small business quotes to differ.

Employee Information 
You’re generally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees. Be prepared to provide:

  • Number of employees
  • Annual payroll
  • Subcontractor cost

It’s important to note that owners and partners are not considered employees.

Tools and Equipment Specifics 
Add an inland marine endorsement to your business liability insurance quote to protect your building materials and equipment. A licensed commercial agent may request details regarding:

  • The various types of building materials you use
  • Tools and equipment valued over $1,000
  • Portable computer equipment

Properly valuing your assets is crucial in case you’re involved in a claim. Listing expensive tools and equipment will likely require the make, model, and serial number specifications.

Claims History
When receiving a commercial insurance quote, be prepared to discuss your claims history, including:

  • Number of claims in the past 5 years
  • Date of claims
  • Amount paid to settle each claim
  • Any E&O or monetary demands

You may be able to request a copy of your claims history from your insurance company if you’re missing information.

Property Details 
When insuring your commercial property through a business owners policy (BOP), you’ll need to provide:

  • Age of building
  • Square footage
  • Building construction type
  • Building safety features
  • Other occupants
  • Mortgage company information

Details of both the construction and use of your building can influence the price of your commercial insurance quote. For example, a fire-resistant building with automatic sprinklers typically has lower exposure than a building lacking these features.

Additional Insureds 
An additional insured is a person, entity, city or corporation who is listed on an insurance policy and shares many of the same rights as the policy holder. For example, they may receive a copy of any notifications you receive about your policy, such as a cancel notice.

You may be required to list an additional insured on your small business insurance quote. Be prepared to provide each entity’s name and address. Four organizations that usually require being listed as an additional insured include:

  • Vendors who sell your products
  • Lessors for equipment you lease or rent
  • Lessor of space where you operate business
  • Scheduled contracts or organizations

An additional insured can be added any time during your policy period. However, having this information available when you quote can help notify all affected parties once your policy is active.

The nature of your business will ultimately determine what you’ll need for a small business insurance quote. Don’t worry if you don’t initially have all necessary information. Contact us directly to speak with a licensed commercial agent.