Built on everything we’ve learned from our experience, Toro is a fresh start to a secure future.
Who are we

Toro Insurance Group, under the leadership of the broker Michael Gallaugher, is not your typical insurance brokerage for auto, home, business, life and health. Its impartial advice helps clientele easily navigate all options and select which coverage is right for them, their families and businesses. In addition to providing quality insurance, Toro separates itself from the competition as an objective provider of advice that places the interests of its clients first. The true value of a Toro insurance advisor isn’t in his ability to provide the cheapest quote possible, but in his capacity to serve a greater role that supports the clients’ complex financial needs in the area of risk management.

Unfortunately, many times individuals with distinct needs and their advisors don’t have a clear grasp of all the issues involved and the ramifications of their actions. As shown in the diagram, Toro partners with clients’ existing service professionals that typically oversee pieces of their entire financial universe. Each expert provides specialty knowledge on certain topics such as: insurance, income taxation, estate planning, and investments. With this combined information, Toro develops a team-like environment where together they can successfully assist in structuring and administering the clients’ financial situation in an optimal, tailored fashion – maximizing opportunities and minimizing exposure.

Ultimately, Toro forms one dedicated, more productive team, where its role becomes one of oversight and facilitation. At times, this process involves bringing in other outside experts to fill a void on the clients’ panel of specialists. Toro works very close with all parties to open lines of communication and ensure that clients understand every option available and, when they’ve decided upon a course of action, the advisors make things happen. With a complete understanding of all assets and liabilities, advisors work together in a coordinated manner toward an integrated wealth strategy.