About Mike Gallaugher – Take II

Mike Gallaugher, the professional bio, was too “suit and tie” for the few friends I asked for their honest opinion. They requested I write another in 1st-person and have more fun in an effort for you to better get to know your insurance agent, many of which have never met yet. I’m hoping to one day change that. So who is Mike Gallaugher?

I had the opportunity while attending ASU to jump into insurance, but quickly dismissed the idea for the reason I wasn’t ready to become the stereotypical aged, fast-talking, car salesman-type insurance agent. Instead, I wrapped up my college degree, married the woman from Superstition Springs Mall who sold me a tie, came to the stark realization that it’s possible to have three babies all one year from each other, experienced the heartache of divorce, took on the role of full-time parent for the next 12 years, worked various jobs that eventually brought me back to insurance. I took the leap into business ownership (A.K.A Toro Insurance Group) at age 43, and have been breaking stereotypes since.

Meet Oscar

Insurance has its serious moments. It also has its impactful moments to make a difference while still juggling the responsibilities of a father and just being human. It doesn’t always entail me sitting behind a desk in a white shirt and tie waiting for the phone to ring. I have raised thousands of dollars over the years for charity by hosting various events. I’ve battled skin cancer and continue to kick its butt. I’ve starred in multiple recitals in the much anticipated daddy/daughter dance. I haven’t missed yelling in the stands at my sons’ swim meet, football game or volleyball match. I’ve proctored training sessions and facilitated panels of speakers. I’ve even had my fair share of speaking engagements. I’ve visited a local dog rescue and left with a new best friend. I’m most comfortable in a pair of boots and a hat. I can fix or build anything from watching YouTube. I’ve fed the hungry and clothed the less fortunate. And to think, I’ve only just begun.

Just as I am not your typical broker, Toro Insurance Group is not your typical brokerage. When people hear the word insurance, most people start to get a feeling of dread. Why? Insurance is protection for the worst things that happen in life, like injury or damage to property or some other loss. It’s also expensive with no guarantee it’ll ever be used. This sleazy perception of agents must be shattered. As a broker, my priority is the client, not the large insurance company. It’s simple, your needs come first.